August 27, 2017

Recent years, more and more Chinese companies prefer to acquire European companies to enter the local market quickly, or have the advanced technology to improve their own production process, or have customer channels to distribute their own products in the EU market etc. 

It can be a good business strategy. However, in practice, the communication leading towards the deal is complicated and cultural differences are a hurdle. Later on, after taking over and start of business in an environment defined with a very different legal framework, most of the Chinese companies encounter difficulties including employees’ management, cooperation with the local management team, development of the new business and meeting compliance requirements.

Corbel has professionals in legal, tax, finance and business strategy. All these professionals are experienced in working for multinational companies and some of them work in both China and EU. They are familiar to deal with challenges from professional, commercial and cultural perspective. Their creative solutions help Chinese companies to manage risks, merge to current companies quickly and decrease unnecessary costs.

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